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This 82ft. high waterfall is located in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic.  You will leave our ranch and ride by horse to this waterfall surrounded by nature. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the area. The ride will take you through villages where you can see some aspects of the Dominican culture and really appreciate the scenery.

Ride along the river through lush vegetation and tropical surroundings, a horseback ride down to the Waterfall is a must do for every visitor.

The horses are very calm and suitable for every one, whether you are tall, big, or small, you will enjoy a smooth ride while enjoying the surroundings along the way.

Then take a refreshing bath at the Waterfall, which offers a safe natural swimming area right in front of the fall below.

See and experience the best of the best.  All this, and more, can be made possible by TOUR 69!

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