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Samaná is a natural treasure.  Wild, verdant, with coves, bays, waterfalls, mountains and awe-inspiring views – there is lots to explore. It is known for its wading and body-boarding beaches, nature trekking and whale-watching.

It isn’t only for North American travelers, thousands of Europeans have also come as tourists and stayed, setting up businesses that give Samana its cosmopolitan vibe.  Samaná City is the provincial capital; Las Galeras is the base for visiting the famous Playa Rincón beach; and Las Terrenas is the main tourist center, but still retains an easygoing beach town feel, with some great shops, restaurants and bars.

Samaná has its own international airport at El Catey (AZS). Cruise ships arrive mainly in the winter season docking offshore near Cayo Levantado.

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Sky Ride by Cable Car

Enjoy the most beautiful scenery 2,565 ft. above in the sky overlooking the entire city and coastline with views stretching for miles and miles!  You’ll then be welcomed by a statue of “Christ the Redeemer” like in Rio with his open arms, and nature’s best nature trails in the national park reserve that sits above.

Home to several species of birds, such as Cigua Palmera, Guaraguao, Nightingale, Carrao, Dove, Hummingbird, Zumbador, and other beautiful birds that inhabit the mountain. There are 594 species of plants identified and according to late studies they belong to approximately 90 different families of plants.

The forest has become such a scenario then privileged place where nature and culture are intertwined, harmonizing and complementing each other.

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Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Get crystal-clear views of the Dominican Republic’s underwater world during this 2 to 3-hour private glass bottom boat tour. Go snorkeling at one of the island’s stop sites (if you wish too), slip on the provided gear to see vibrant coral reefs inhabited by schools of tropical fish.

Listen to island rhythms and sip the local drink, mamajuana, during your return trip back to the bay.

This private excursion is customizable and ensures personalized attention from the crew.

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The Caves

The caves are millions of years old, and yet are one of the Dominican Republic’s best-kept secrets!

There are several dry caves that have shallow pools suitable for swimming and exploration.

The caves have beautiful and irreplaceable mineral formations called stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are very different than the rest of the world, the tunnels appear more eroded and ancient, and the colors are truly unique to the caves here. Indeed, flooded caves are geological time capsules where fossil remains and archeological artifacts have been perfectly preserved. Scientific exploration and preservation is ongoing.

When visiting the caves, you’ll be taken to an underground lake you can jump into. The water is pristine and you can see it’s over 20 feet deep to the bottom.

Again, a must-do activity, and TOUR 69 will take you here via a private tour so just ask!

Day & Night Entertainment

Boasting the largest man-made dolphin habitat in the world, this is a must-see attraction for everyone visiting the Dominican Republic!

Day Pass visitors have the opportunity to snorkel in our Tropical Reef Aquarium, learn about marine mammals, feed exotic tropical birds, walk through a tropical rain forest, and observe the popular Dolphin Show, Shark Show, Sea Lions Show and Tropical Bird Show. Guests will also have free access to the dolphin beach, as well as to the fresh water pool, chairs-lounge and much more!

The best entertainment complex in the Caribbean awaits you! Enjoy the Water & Wildlife Adventure Park, Marina, Casino, Restaurant, Sport Bar, Night Dance Show, Club Lounge & Events.

Water slides and the ride along Ocean Drive included…

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Go Karts

When it’s time for a break from the beach and you want to go do something completely different, head to Go Kart City.

Expect some fierce competition out on any one of the three go-kart tracks with the locals having a reputation for fast driving. The big boys (and girls too), are also guaranteed a lot of fun on the additional bumper car course on site, which is another favored activity to do here amongst our guests.

So give it a try. We can even combine this activity with several others so you can really maximize your day out in the town.

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Amber Museum

The museum houses a unique collection of valuable Dominican amber ranging from 25-40 million years.  One mosquito encased in amber was used in Steven Spielberg’s film Jurassic Park. Experts say this amber is known to be the most transparent in the world.

Brugal Rum Factory

Founded in 1888 by Don Andres Brugal Montaner with his belief in the value of passion, dedication and hard work.  Brugal is the largest producer of traditionally made rum. Tours include rum tasting & the chance to buy premium rums at a discount.

Cacao Plantation Tour

Workers from this rural village cultivate, process, and package their fine chocolate for sale.  Learn how hands-on or just watch. Not only is it fun, but you’ll be making a real difference as proceeds will go to benefit the poorest of the poor here and in nearby communities. So come taste their delicious chocolate & feel good about it too!

Coffee Plantation Tour

Take our coffee plantation tour high in the mountains. Partake in a coffee tasting and learn what makes really good coffee.

During your visit, you can enjoy an entertaining and educational excursion where you have direct contact with each of the processes, starting from germination of grain to reach the end product, an aromatic and delicious coffee.

This is an all day tour.

Let's Ride

Book this super fun 5 hour excursion for an exciting back country ATV buggy adventure including beach time and lunch. Local rum drinks served on the way back to the hotel!

Jet Ski

A gripping exciting fun ride through the ocean waves… For the bold and daring an afternoon of some water action, you’ll be driving your own jet ski around waves and corals at full speed. In this gripping ride you will taste the crisp wind and feel the warmth of a beautiful sunny day.

Available Monday through Saturday.

Waterfalls by Horseback

This 82ft. high waterfall is located in the Cibao region of the Dominican Republic.  You will leave our ranch and ride by horse to this waterfall surrounded by nature. Enjoy the peace and beauty of the area. The ride will take you through villages where you can see some aspects of the Dominican culture and really appreciate the scenery.

Ride along the river through lush vegetation and tropical surroundings, a horseback ride down to the Waterfall is a must do for every visitor.

The horses are very calm and suitable for every one, whether you are tall, big, or small, you will enjoy a smooth ride while enjoying the surroundings along the way.

Then take a refreshing bath at the Waterfall, which offers a safe natural swimming area right in front of the fall below.

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Private Island Getaway

This private island getaway consists of approximately 200 square meters of sand and is situated in the middle of the ocean. A magnificent coral reef surrounds the heavenly place on earth. For those, who always wanted to snorkel once in their life, here is exactly the right area – snorkeling equipment is included. Afterwards, when driving by boat through the mangroves, you will be able to appreciate the typical formation of this type of forest.

Tour includes transportation, snacks, meals, drinks and water.

The Fort

Built by the Spaniards in the 16th century to defend the north coast against English, Dutch, and French pirates this Fort is considered one of the most important colonial military structures in the Caribbean.

Come check it out. It’s a self guided tour so take your time.

You can even see the fort and do other nearby activities to really make the most of your time while on vacation here on your day.

TOUR 69 will make it all possible. All our tours and activities are very personalized, so no large groups or rushing. We go at your pace. Don’t be surprised if it is just you, your hostess(es) and our driver!

Botanical Gardens

The National Botanical Gardens should be high on your list of things to do while visiting the Dominican Republic. Covering over 200 acres, this park is the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. It is also considered to be one of the finest in the world.

The Gardens feature a diverse range of flora that includes more than 300 varieties of orchids, gorgeous palms and lots of native plants. There is also a Japanese Garden section that is very beautiful.

The Gardens were initially created to study, investigate and preserve the plant life of the Dominican Republic. It is a sanctuary for plants and animals that is ideal for exploration, having lots of trails and roads for visitors.

This is really a must-see D.R. attraction, so put it near the top of your list. You will have a fun and relaxing time amidst the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic, and far from the city noise.

Colonial City

After Christopher Columbus’s arrival on the island in 1492, this area became the site of the first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas. This colonial town, founded in 1498, was laid out on a grid pattern that became the model for almost all town planners in the New World.

The Colonial City has retained intact its original perimeter, conserving most of its walls and forts. However, the restoration interventions carried out remain evident. As far as possible, the consolidation techniques used were made using materials compatible with the original structure.

City of firsts, this area was the headquarters for the first institutions in the Americas: Saint Mary of the Incarnation Cathedral, Saint Francois Monastery, Saint Thomas Aquinas University, Nicholas de Bari Hospital, and the Casa de Contratación. It is also the first fortified city and the first headquarters of Spanish power in the New World.

Fishing Deep Sea

Go deep sea fishing and enjoy full day or half day, in private or shared charters. Depending on the season, we will be looking for Marlin (Blue Marlin, White Marlin), Mahi Mahi (Dorado), YellowFin Tuna, Barracuda, Wahoo, Sailfish, Bonito, Lumberjack and few other species common for this region.

January 6, 1494

Founded by Columbus during his second voyage in Dec. 1493, the town was named after the Queen of Castile. The Fort of La Navidad, which had been constructed during his first trip, had been totally destroyed by the native Taíno people upon his return. The town was established to search for precious metals. When little gold was found, Columbus proceeded to enslave the people of the island.

Here the first mass was celebrated on 6 Jan. 1494.

The area was struck by two of the earliest North Atlantic hurricanes observed by Europeans in 1494 and 1495.

Hunger and disease soon led to mutiny, punishment, disillusion, and more hunger and disease. It reached the point where a group of settlers, led by Bernal de Pisa, attempted to capture and make off with several ships and go back to Spain. The town barely survived until 1496 when Columbus decided to abandon it in favor of a new settlement, now Santo Domingo.

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Thanks to the work of golf-course designers like Pete Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, and Robert Trent Jones Sr., the Dominican Republic has become one of the top golf travel destinations in the Caribbean, bringing in elite players for all around the world.

Golfers have more than 20 courses to choose from, among them some of the finest courses in not only the islands but the world. With luxury facilities and incomparable views, there’s nothing quite like teeing off in the Caribbean.

Hike the Waterfalls

Enjoy an unforgettable adventure at the waterfalls located near the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, emerald waters deep in a tropical rainforest of the Cordillera Septentrional.

A total of 27 refreshing waterfalls have been chiseled by Mother Nature’s celestial mallet. Ideal for visitors who like to commune with nature, while experiencing an adrenaline-fuelled day, you will hop on the back of a safari-style truck, where a team of experienced guides and drivers await.

After a short safety briefing, glide across the natural water springs, bathing in heavenly caves. Flanked by the whistling of exotic birdlife, and the banks of the River, the rustling of the streams arouse a state of stillness.

A labyrinth of tunnels and chutes are scattered around the waterfalls, some reaching heights of up to 13 feet. Somersault with the grace of aquatic birds, as your guide keep a watchful eye.

Walk an interpretative rainforest trail to come face-to-face with Mother Earth, and wildlife waits to be greeted. Leap headfirst, swimming crossways, and sliding down natural waterslides. Explore unpredictable falls, with teasing names like “La Virgen” and “La Tinajita.”

“La Virgen” holds Taino legends, where the aborigines built a statue of pebbles that paid homage to the Virgin of Altagracia, perhaps becoming the first worshippers of the Patron Saint of the Dominican people.

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Discover the best dive spots on this side of the planet! You’ll be guided by PADI certified pros who know where they are. Classes are available from beginner to instructor level.


Ever wish you could fly? Now you can, well sort of. Experience one of the best feelings in the world. Go parasailing with TOUR 69!

Palace of Art & Culture

See inspiring dance performances, browse fine arts exhibitions and admire dramatic neoclassical architecture in the cultural center.

The Palace of Fine Arts provides a home for dance, theater and art exhibits. Take a moment to appreciate the cultural wealth of the city as you walk around the large grounds of the palace or attend one of many events and exhibitions held throughout the year.

The palace was built in 1956. Today it is an impressive monument to the city’s arts scene.

Whale Watching

For the past millennia, Humpback Whales have been visiting the Dominican Republic for just two months out of each year. So, if you’re here from January 20 – March 20 you lucked out!

Will you ever have another chance to Whale Watch in your lifetime?

Not like this you won’t. Whale Watching is unequaled in the Dominican Republic because…

We’re not talking about dozens, scores, or even hundreds of Humpback Whales. We’re talking thousands of them! Yes, thousands of whales travel from the frigid North Atlantic ocean to the warm waters of the Bay. Humpback Whales are the Dominican Republic’s original snow bird tourists!

Humpback Whales don’t come South to chill out. This journey is to give birth and to mate in the bay’s protected cove. Not only will you see full-grown adult Humpback Whales (some can be 50 feet long and weigh 8,000 pounds) but also new born calves following their mothers. Is that cool or what?

Did we mention it’s mating season? Male Humpbacks want to make babies! It’s typical to see large competitive groups (pods) of male Humpbacks jostling for the chance to mate with a single female. That means plenty of pectoral fin slaps, tail slaps and even breaches.

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