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Not all vacations are created equal.  The best mancation is a TOUR 69 vacation with the most beautiful hostesses around. The term is believed to have come about in the decade of the 2000s, although the concept had existed considerably before then. It’s not just a trend. Mancations are here to stay!

The concept of a gender specific trip has “been around since the first caveman took his club and went hunting with the others in the tribe.”  Yet, mancation has become a buzzword in the travel business lately. Tapping into the success of marketing all-girls getaway packages, hotels and resorts have started featuring all-male bonding vacation packages that include everything from poker to extreme sports to spa treatments. Golfing is the most popular activity for all-male vacation groups, but destinations have developed unique programs to accommodate the growing trend. The latest mancation packages offer personal trainer sessions, spiritual healing, culinary instruction, yoga, and sexual reawakening.

This is where TOUR 69 comes in, being one of the first of its kind, we are here to stay and offer this & a whole lot more too.  Don’t just book any mancation, book a TOUR 69 Mancation!

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